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weight lossNever in history have so many men and women trying to lose weight!

One hundred years ago and earlier the main concern for the masses was to have enough food. During times of war or bad harvest it could be hard to find sufficient food to feed an entire. In the Middle Age there were famines and epidemies all over the world that could leave millions dying of hunger. Although this problem still exists in some parts of the world today, the opposite problem has arisen with our modern civilization: many overweight people.

As food is easier and cheaper to produce and as it can be transported over long distances, most people have more food than they need. Not just food but good food or great food. Nutrition companies have developed the know-how to deliver high quality food at a low cost. They create new dishes and perfect existing ones with their team of highly qualified professional chefs. And restaurants from all over the world abound in all major cities. Plus all this good stuff is constantly advertised on all media channels, the television, the Internet or local magazines. Eating is now more an entertainment than a necessity.

The results of this phenomenon is that millions of people are struggling to control their weight. As our bodies where created to withstand the tough times of the lives of our ancestors and not an oversupply of tasty dishes, they are not engineered to cope with such food abundance. And as people eat too much on average they do not burn enough of what they consume and they accumulate fat. This is not just making them look fat and uncomfortable, but being overweight or worse obese has been scientifically proven to be a negative health factor. This leads to diabetes, heart diseases, cancer and others.

No wonder that weight loss programs and dietary supplements are in such high demand. There is no known miracle product that will let you lose weight without efforts, but there are certainly natural products with properties tending to help burn fat. Recently one such ingredient is garcinia cambogia.

Not very familiar in the West the tropical fruit garcinia cambogia is used as a food staple in South Asian contries such as Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka and others. Interestingly this product has always been known for his filling and appetite suppressant properties. This shows that popular wisdom is often not far from the truth. Pumpkin shaped it grows on trees and has a beautiful green color.

You can now buy garcinia cambogia supplements that contain a pure natural powder from the fruit. Deeper scientific research needs to be conducted before we can make a final conclusion about the potency of this herbal supplement when it comes to losing weight but early reports from some of the people who have been purchasing them suggest that this could be a solution to the overweight contagion.

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