How to stay fit

Whatever it is that a person need to do to feel good about himself or herself, it is important to take account of what the impact is going to be in your life. There is no denying  that staying fit and healthy is associated with good self esteem. If you feel good about yourself and about what you do, your self esteem will automatically propel to great heights.


If you are concerned in gaining weight and possibly wasting off a good year or two of lost fat, there are certain things you can do to maintain that slender body and stay fit.

Watch Your Calories

If you are overweight, you need to make sure you reduce the calories you are taking in. As you have a lot of stored sugars in your body, it is capable of fueling you up throughout the day even if you stay on a strict 1,200 calorie diet.

There’s nothing wrong in counting calories. In fact, it is one of the best ways in controlling the food you eat. If you limit your daily calorie intake, you tend to be more conscious on the kind of food you put inside your body. The healthier it is, the less sugar it has.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise.

No, you don’t have to go crazy on the gym.  If you are told by your doctor that you are overweight, you need to schedule a regular workout session in the gym. Always remember that excess weight can take its toll not only to your heart, but to your organs too. Your heart has to pump blood harder, your liver has to filter more, your kidneys had to do more work to keep your body clean.

If your weight on the other hand is normal, you can schedule your workout sessions every other day for an hour. If you wish to do it on a daily basis, you can do so by taking 30 to 45 minutes. If you are always on a time crunch, high intensity workout saves you a lot of time and it does wonder too!

Say No to Soda and Juice Concentrates

Have you tried cutting out soda entirely from your diet? Sugary drinks like your cola or your cranberry juice concentrates are not helpful to your body at all. All it does is add more sugar to your body – which then is converted to fat for storage. By simply eliminating these sugary drinks, you will notice a big difference on how you feel.

At first, it’ll seem like you’ve ran out of energy. It’s just your body sugar-detoxing! Give it a week or two and you should feel as light and energetic as ever!

Drink Black Coffee or Green Tea

Black coffee or green tea is very helpful in boosting your metabolism. Aside from the anti-oxidant benefits, the caffeine from black coffee and green tea can help boost your metabolism. This will help your body distribute the necessary energy throughout the day.

Hydrate Yourself

Drink plenty of water. Your body is 70% water. That is about the same amount it needs to optimally function. Make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. This will help you stay hydrated.

Get information about health

The more you know, the more you understand how your body functions, the more you can take the actions necessary to maintain a fit and healthy body. Check this guide about the lean belly breakthrough to learn other techniques to achieve your fitness goals and get a body you are proud of.

Stay Away from Fast Food

We all know how fattening the food are in fast food chains. They literally drop your burger patty in a pan-full of oil or grease. They add so many additives, flavorings and sodium. We don’t even know where their produce came from! Stay away from oily and starchy food. This means, eat less carbs, more greens.

It’s not that difficult at all. You will struggle for the first couple of weeks. But if you get the hang of it, you will enjoy a simple home-cooked healthy meal.

By following the tips given above, you will surely help keep yourself away from the culprit of weight gain. By doing so, you’ll feel good and look good.

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The benefits of green coffee

In recent years green coffee bean extracts have become popular as a supplement for health-conscious people trying to control their weight. Indeed these supplements are among the most sought after in the category of Appetite control & suppressants supplements. This is in no small part due to this natural product being discussed on a famous TV show hosted by Doctor Oz.

Green coffee extracts can help you lose a few pounds. This is what Professor Ernst Edzart from the University of Exeter concluded on the basis of three clinical studies. Professor Ernst is a researcher who carefully and critically studies complementary and alternative medicine products and research results. We have long known that drinking coffee prevents obesity. What recent scientific research has shown is that an important component of coffee, chlorogenic acid, is probably responsible for this effect.

Chlorogenic acid is for the most part destroyed during the roasting of coffee beans, hence the fact that we are now interested in extracts of unroasted coffee beans (also called ‘green beans’) to fight against overweight situations. Note that the effect of green coffee bean supplements remains moderate: a loss of 2.5 kg over a period of 1 to 3 months can be expected. A sustainable weight loss is only possible if we radically change our eating habits. And for that matter, the focus should be on eating mostly nutritious foods.

Chlorogenic acid is a powerful natural antioxidant useful for delaing atheromatous plaque creation in the arteries and thus delaying the onset of cardiovascular disease. It also has a bactericidal role (kills bacteria) and a fungicidal role (kills fungi), plus it is antiviral. In addition, it is an antioxidant and an inhibitor of some esters which play a role in the development of tumors. So there is a long list of benefits for consuming this acid beyond the ones related to weight loss.

Green coffee has virtues similar to those of green tea. It is a diuretic so it is normal to lose weight from it and it is an excellent antioxidant. A 2009 study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that the chlorogenic acid content in green coffee is the cause of weight loss. This natural molecule decrease the absorption of sugars in the digestive system and accelerates the burning of fat. But beware, green coffee beans extract is not a diet or a miracle product, it must be taken in a timely manner, in addition to a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

It is not recommend for a person with heart problems because it is a powerful exciting substance, which can lead to experiencing stress or depression. In view of the ingredients in the beans, it is normal not to feel tired and even to feel fit, but these are only impressions. Stimulants that you swallow will take over your fatigue, but not solve the original problem. A sleep therapy would be more effective for that purpose.

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the Mediterranean Diet

beautful mediterranean woman Whenever we hear the word Mediterranean, the mind recalls of some countries like France, Greece and Spain, which are bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. It is easy to guess from the name “Mediterranean Diet” that it is a type of diet where you see influences of the mentioned country’s cuisine and culinary.

This particular diet became popular during the 1990’s. On November 2010, when UNESCO recommended this diet, its popularity increased manifold and gained ground in overseas countries as well. However, people from countries like Greece or Spain don’t consider it as a simple form of diet that keeps one healthy and fat free. To them, it is something that represents their culture, their food practices and everything from local wine to native activities.

The diet chart consists of simple, easy to prepare yet delicious dishes like Warm Pita, Spinach sauté with sprinkled lemon, Fragrant Couscous, etc. Native vegetables and other ingredients are used mostly to prepare these dishes and the use of imported ingredients is rare. Here you will learn in brief some interesting facts about the diet and its health benefits.

Why the Mediterranean Diet is Different

Any nutritionist or diet specialist will admit that one must consume all the necessary nutrients like protein, fat, minerals, carbohydrate, etc. every day to stay healthy and fit. This is where the diet differs from other traditional diet charts because it consists of food items, which are rich in all the mentioned nutrients.

Vegetables you use to prepare the dishes are sources of minerals and vitamins whereas the corn flour-made food items balance the need for carbohydrates. Sometimes dairy products like cheese or yogurt are also used to supply with a sufficient amount of proteins. The calorie you absorb through these foods is easy to burn as olive oil is always used for cooking the items. On the other hand, Mediterranean fruits like grapes, jujube, lemon and others detoxify your body and prevent fat accumulation. It is like a dual-purpose diet that cares for your nutritional needs while controlling obesity.

Mediterranean Diet and Weight Loss

When you talk about weight loss and think of practicing something new to make it fast, it is good always to gain a first-hand experience, instead of depending on others’ suggestions. One noticeable difference between this and the western diet form is that the diet is not rich in preservatives and animal fat. Rather more fresh vegetables and fruits are used to make the foods tasty yet healthy. Naturally, it can be said that if one follows the diet chart perfectly he or she can expect better result.

Now, it is time to check how this diet modifies the process of reducing fat.

• Replaces red meat based foods with healthy substitutes like poultry items and sea fish

• Maximize vegetable intake that keeps you fuller, gives energy and control fat as well.

• The food has less in salt and saturated fat, which are highly responsible for faster weight gaining

• Even snacks are made of low fat (sometimes zero fat) ingredients like unsalted nuts, dry fruits and general fruits.

• Their special red wine keeps you glowing while purifying your blood.

The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

The Mediterranean diet pyramid describe the diet chart properly and this pyramid also explains which food items you should take and in what portions. To follow a diet chart properly, it is also important to know about the quantity of food taken, which is also mentioned in this pyramid.

The diet pyramid says that an adult should consume a half cup of prepared vegetables along with a full cup of leafy raw vegetables. Potatoes should not be consumed by more than 100 grams per day. If you want to lose weight, you must take at least 100 gram of dry beans, even if you forget to have anything else. Fruits like banana, orange, grapes (30 grams), one apple, and watermelon (200 grams) should be there too in your diet chart.

Don’t take dairy items like egg, milk, cheese and yogurt more than once in a week. In addition, you should be careful about the serving of red wine, as men should not take more than three glasses (small glasses) of wine. Women should stick to two small glasses only and not more.

Other Health Benefits

Research reports say that patients suffering from diseases like diabetes-type 2, high blood pressure, obesity, Alzheimer and cardiovascular diseases can benefit following the Mediterranean diet.

Health experts are also presuming that regular intake of Mediterranean food can also prevent the growth of cancerous diseases among individuals. However, one must follow the diet chart thoroughly and should combine different food items, according to their need to get best result.

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The Benefits of Weight Loss

slim girlAccording to professionals at the Mayo Clinic, weight loss is basically the act of balancing the equation and calories play a vital role in the whole equation. Although some people believe that fad diets help to reduce body weight, it is actually calories that count when it comes to weight loss.

In this case weight loss involves burning down the calories consumed. However, it is important to note that by reducing the amount of calories we consume through beverages and foods and engaging in physical exercises, you will be working towards a healthy and balanced body weight.

Once the equation starts making sense to you, you will now be prepared to plan on how to achieve your weight loss goals. However, it is advisable that before embarking on any program towards this course, you should seek advice from your healthcare provider as doing it alone may lead to potential health problems.

Talking to family members and friends can be a wise idea as they can be very supportive in case you need help. Professionals are quick to suggest that you ensure that you plan well – devise ways on how to deal with the challenges that may occur as the process is not as easy as it sounds.

There are certain conditions that may occur due to your being overweight; in this case, it is for the doctor to suggest the most appropriate method of weight loss best fit for your personal situation. This may include medication or surgery. This therefore requires you and your doctor to venture into a thorough discussion singling out the probable benefits as well as the risks involved. But it is always good to remember that for you to achieve permanent results, you will need to make considerable changes to your feeding and physical lifestyles.

It actually doesn’t matter the amount of weight you want to shed, the principles applicable here are the same. This is critically important in determining the speed at which you lose your weight. If you follow some basic guidelines, you can greatly ensure the chance of success in weight loss without necessarily having to use any special books, medication or diet plans.

Thus our bodies’ weights reflect the amount of energy we let in terms of food and how much we are able to use in our daily activities. In most cases, energy is simply measured in terms of calories. In the event that your body weight remains the same, it means that your calorie consumption is also constant in terms of quantity. And if you find that you are gaining weight from time to time, it means that you are consuming more calories than what you are able to burn on a daily basis.

You are obviously responsible for the amount of food you eat daily and therefore controlling your calorie intake is something you can afford. In addition, it is our duty to control our energy output by focusing on the calories we are able to burn daily and this depends on a number of issues:
• The level of our physical activities
• Our BMR – basal metabolic rate, maintaining our body functions and the amount of calories we burn every hour in our lifetime.

In cases where individuals exhibit genetic factors and other related conditions, the BMR (resting metabolic rate can either be high or low. It is good to note that the amount of calories we burn while at rest is determined by our body weight. Thus, the more the amount of calories needed to maintain the body during the rest period, the more the weight of your body. In this case, if a person weighs 100 pounds, he or she requires very little food to constantly maintain the weight as compared to a person weighing 200 pounds.

Our work habits and lifestyle can also influence the amount of calories our bodies require daily. Thus, a person indulging in heavy physical activities burns larger amounts of calories daily compared to one who works in an office all day – sedentary lifestyle. So, if your job does not involve heavy physical activities, it is important that you participate in other physical activities such as exercise to help increase the metabolic rate of your body, hence burning more calories.

A woman between the age of 31 and 50 leading a less physical lifestyle roughly requires approximately 1,800 calories daily for to constantly maintain his or her normal body weight. On the other hand, a man in the same age bracket needs roughly 2,200 calories daily. And if one engages in moderate physical exercises – at least 3 times every week – then an additional 200 calories is required on a daily basis.

As such, to ensure that we stay healthy, there is the need for us to maintain a healthy body weight. Keeping off junk foods and dwelling only on healthy diets can greatly help us in this course. There are various types of diseases we can keep away from if only we put on weight we can be able to maintain and this requires individual commitment.

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The epidemic of diabetes

fat womanNever before has there been so many people diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. And this number keeps on growing and growing. There is no end in sight to this rising trend. This disease is costing a lot of money to health systems all over the world.

Type-2 diabetes is a tricky disease. Usually it does not have symptoms in itself or if you get diagnosed because you have symptoms, then it means your diabetes is already at an advanced stage. So at the early stage there is often nothing noticeable and the only way to know something is wrong is to get some blood work done to see your glucose level. Diabetes is simply an abnormally high level of sugar in the blood stream. This is known to have dire medical consequences if left untreated.

Indeed diabetes is a highly significant factor in the incidence of a number of lethal diseases, such as cancer and heart diseases. Diabetes may also lead to retinal dis-function and partial loss of vision. In addition it has a tendency to target the feet and legs with bad blood circulation which leads sometimes to amputation. And the list continues on and on with many possible symptoms.

So how come so many people have it? The main reason is in what we eat nowadays. In the past few decades food manufacturers have progressively added more sugars in our diets, as well as unsaturated fat. Take the example of the ubiquitous pizza. This type of processed food is very unhealthy and it will rush your blood sugar. A consequence of our modern life style is that people easily get overweight. They work in the office, they like to go out to the restaurant with friends, drinking and eating well. In fact alcohol has a lot of sugar too, adding to your intake.

And then after all the efforts they made at work, they do not feel like hitting the gym or doing a jogging. Or course millions of people exercise on a regular basis, but this is a minority, especially as people age. Young women like to look attractive and do more exercise, but once they have a family and grown-up children, very few keep on with their fat burning favorite sports.

So because of the conjunction of a more sedentary lifestyle, an interest in good foods and parties, and a lack of exercise, the number of overweight adults is booming. And with it the number of persons affected with type-2 diabetes.

The rules to get fitter and healthier are known to all of us: eat and drink less, exercise more. But few of us have the discipline to consistently follow such rules.

This is why garcinia cambogia supplements are so popular. Because all the individuals discussed above want to trim their extra pounds with minimal effort. Given that garcinia cambogia has received a lot of media coverage for its potency in helping suppress appetite and burn fat, they all rush to the store to get their daily dose.

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