Well-being and health by nature

Several studies highlight the essential role played by plants, trees and even the flowers around us on our health. Find out what nature has to offer and how to get the most from it.

Trees, flowers, the sun: they surround us on a daily basis, yet we cannot imagine how important they play a role in our life. Moods, behaviors and emotions depend on the presence of nature. Studies specify this relation and its conditions (what is called environmental psychology). Because yes, well-being, health and nature are linked.

Well-being and health by nature

Nothing is like the relaxing sound of a waterfall. Do you take vitamin G? No? Well it’s a shame, you should, because it’s good for physical and mental health, for the planet and for future generations. In short, vitamin G is the vitamin of life! When the Anglo-Saxons speak of vitamin G (Green Vitamine in English), which, of course, does not exist, they are referring to the essential role played by plants, trees and flowers that surround us, and the benefits they provide.

Well-being, health and nature are linked!

The influence of nature on our well-being

Man, especially during the past century, has considerably freed himself from the constraints dictated by nature and has moved away from it. Unfortunately this modern life has distanced us from nature, with all the pollution, waste disposal, online influence and other hectic schedules within our daily lifes.

But in all discretion, many of these natural elements that surround us affect our social interactions and our physical and mental well-being. Environmental psychology is a discipline that focuses on how an individual’s immediate physical environment can affect their psychological functioning, physical and mental well-being and behavior.

We can discover some of the examples from the experts about why nature does us good: the benefits of green plants at work, the emotions linked to flowers, the effects of the sun on our mood and our behavior, all are real.

What is happiness? How can we access it? The concept of happiness varies according to cultures, mood, and it is very difficult to define it. But we can see how happiness influences our life; we can talk about marriage, money, work, friendship…

The quest for happiness is the source of almost all of our behavior as humans. Happiness is not only the result of a prosperous, long and fulfilling life; it is very often the direct cause. Being happy positively influences all areas of our life: health, social relationships, love life, professional success, etc.

What is happiness? How can we access it? The concept of happiness varies according to cultures, mood, and it is very difficult to define it. The pursuit of happiness guides our actions and our thoughts, but it is sometimes misguided. Happiness is not intrinsic to wealth or power but is found where we do not seek it … This is what the experts wish to share. Why do happy people live longer lives? Read the interesting fable below.

A small stonecutter lived peacefully at the foot of a large mountain from which he detached pieces of rock to build houses.

He was satisfied with his lot. Until one day … he went to a wealthy lord of the area to fulfill an order. He then discovered the wonders of a life of luxury and abundance: a sumptuous residence, silk clothes, refined dishes, graceful concubines, etc. From that moment, the splendors he saw prevented him from sleeping. His life now appeared joyless to him. “Ah, if I were rich,” he lamented, “how happy would I be!”

The mountain genius heard his complaint: “Your wish has been heard, stonemason, so be rich and therefore be happy!” No sooner said than done. Rich merchant he became and he was satisfied with his lot. Until the day when … he saw the king pass in his golden palanquin, each bending in his path. What was his wealth worth next to the power of a king and the admiration that all had in him? Ah, if I were king,” he sighed, “how happy I would be!” ”

And the mountain genius heard his complaint: “Your wish has been heard, merchant, so be king and therefore be happy!” No sooner said than done. Revered king he became and was satisfied with his lot. Until one day … it happened that the sun imposed its fiery and unforgiving rays on the country. As king as he was, he could not protect himself from the heat and oppose the power of this master of heaven.

Annoyed, he exclaimed: “What is the throne and riches for, if the sun is more powerful than me!” Ah if I were sun, how happy I would be! Again, the mountain genius heard his complaint: “Your wish has been heard, king, so be sunny and be happy!” No sooner said than done. Almighty sun it became. He darted his rays on everything that lived: rich and poor, weak and powerful, plants and animals. All were subject to his power and all were drying up. And he was satisfied with his lot. Until the day when… he saw that the mountain still stood. Immutable.

Angry, he cried out, “What’s the use of power if you can resist me?” Ah, if I were the mountain, how happy I would be! Again, the mountain genius heard his complaint: “Your wish has been heard, sun, so be mountain and therefore be happy!” No sooner said than done. Immortal mountain he became. And he was satisfied with his lot, until the day when … he felt something itch his foot. And that’s when he saw, there, below, at the very bottom, a very small stone cutter busy cutting loose pieces of rock to build the houses …

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Upgrading Your Diet to Combat Addiction Withdrawal

How to Cope with Addiction Withdrawal

Addiction withdrawal is the first path to recovery. The road is not easy but it’s a journey that you have to take to get rid of your addiction. Getting sober will also take time and requires discipline and dedication. But after passing this trial, you will once again regain control of your life.

In order to cope with addiction withdrawal, you need to know what it is. It’s a condition where your mind and body react to the absence drug or alcohol from your system. There are two categories, psychological or emotional and physical. Here are some of the popular ways to combat addiction withdrawal.

Water is Good for You

Drinking water keeps you from dehydrating. But most importantly it forces your body to expel all the remaining drugs or alcohol out of your system.

Take it Slow

large During the withdrawal period, the body is subjected to either physical or mental strain or both. To speed up your recovery, you will need to take it easy and get plenty of rest. This can help you brighten your mood and remove further stress from your body. Here are a number of things you can do to cope up with the addiction withdrawal.

Take Regular and Healthy Meals

Eating healthy meals regularly is crucial to your recovery. But you may have some initial difficulty fulfilling this part. It’s normal to feel nauseous during the first early part of the withdrawal.

Seek a Holistic Approach

Alternative medicine and treatments centers like Taylor Recovery Center can alleviate your withdrawal symptoms. This is much better than letting more drugs enter your system, read more about it here: http://www.taylorrecovery.com/pain-pill-addiction-treatment/

Vitamins and Supplements Can Help

If you cannot get all the vitamins and minerals you need from the food, then it is wise to take food supplements. This can help you cope up with the withdrawals while allowing your body to recover much quicker.

Relax and Take Spa Treatments

A spa treatment is another relaxing way to improve your mood and relief from the withdrawal stress.

Breathing Helps a Lot

During trying times, simple deep breaths can help you calm down and relax. Breathing exercises can remove or at least lower your levels of anxiety or mood swings.

Exercise Regularly

Exercises keep you fit but it can also help people on their road to sobriety. People who engage in vigorous physical activity usually get a natural “high”. This process is possible due to the endorphins that you release during the exercise.

Don’t Shut Out Your Loved Ones

Family, friends or people you love can lend emotional support during your withdrawal period. Medical professionals such as therapists can give the same support as well.

Stretch Several Times a Day

Always keep the habit of stretching several times a day. It can keep you relaxed and improves your blood circulation at the same time.

Ask Professional Advice or Help

Coping with addiction withdrawal is difficult but you don’t need to bear it alone. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice or help from medical professionals. They could provide you with ways on how to make the withdrawal process easier.

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