The epidemic of diabetes

fat womanNever before has there been so many people diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. And this number keeps on growing and growing. There is no end in sight to this rising trend. This disease is costing a lot of money to health systems all over the world.

Type-2 diabetes is a tricky disease. Usually it does not have symptoms in itself or if you get diagnosed because you have symptoms, then it means your diabetes is already at an advanced stage. So at the early stage there is often nothing noticeable and the only way to know something is wrong is to get some blood work done to see your glucose level. Diabetes is simply an abnormally high level of sugar in the blood stream. This is known to have dire medical consequences if left untreated.

Indeed diabetes is a highly significant factor in the incidence of a number of lethal diseases, such as cancer and heart diseases. Diabetes may also lead to retinal dis-function and partial loss of vision. In addition it has a tendency to target the feet and legs with bad blood circulation which leads sometimes to amputation. And the list continues on and on with many possible symptoms.

So how come so many people have it? The main reason is in what we eat nowadays. In the past few decades food manufacturers have progressively added more sugars in our diets, as well as unsaturated fat. Take the example of the ubiquitous pizza. This type of processed food is very unhealthy and it will rush your blood sugar. A consequence of our modern life style is that people easily get overweight. They work in the office, they like to go out to the restaurant with friends, drinking and eating well. In fact alcohol has a lot of sugar too, adding to your intake.

And then after all the efforts they made at work, they do not feel like hitting the gym or doing a jogging. Or course millions of people exercise on a regular basis, but this is a minority, especially as people age. Young women like to look attractive and do more exercise, but once they have a family and grown-up children, very few keep on with their fat burning favorite sports.

So because of the conjunction of a more sedentary lifestyle, an interest in good foods and parties, and a lack of exercise, the number of overweight adults is booming. And with it the number of persons affected with type-2 diabetes.

The rules to get fitter and healthier are known to all of us: eat and drink less, exercise more. But few of us have the discipline to consistently follow such rules.

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